To be able to grasp how good our token is, you need to understand how it works!
Our token $CHITZ is an SPL token available on the Solana blockchain. It was created with a starting supply of 0.

Maximum Supply

  • The maximum supply of $CHITZ is 20,000,000
  • There will be 3 halving periods. Each halving period will cut the mining rewards by 50%.
    • 1: 10,000,000 tokens mined
    • 2: 15,000,000 tokens mined
    • 3: 18,000,000 tokens mined

The Fox Club NFT

  • Every Fox has the ability to mine 30 ($CHITZ) per day.
  • The only way to mine $CHITZ is to stake your Fox Club NFT.
  • All Foxes will earn the same amount of tokens. Rarity does not impact earnings.

Staking + Tokenomics Providers

Our staking system is a whitelabel system from XLabs. We have 0 fees on everything!
Our tokenomics generation is created by xLabs. We do not have ANY control of this token. It only generates when our staking system receives a request for tokens to be released!