🦊Its a Fox!

The Fox Club mechanics and utilities all broken down

The Fox Club is a Movement

Foxes are amazing animals. They embody key elements in what makes an amazing community. When choosing our updated PFP design this was something we wanted to encapsulate. Foxes generally mate for life, finding a partner and then generating a strong bond. Once you get involved with us, you will feel the exact same aroma.

The Fox Club is Passion

We aim to build a passionate community behind our art and utilities. To do this, we must provide the right avenues to success. We will ensure that new things are always being implemented and our core passion never fades. We love Solana and we can't wait to see it become a staple currency.

The Fox Club is You

Community is the core foundation of what we look to build in Solana. Our core community of holders is our priority in every aspect. We will always ensure to look to provide benefits to anyone who holds one of our Foxes! We will provide all of the base tools to succeed however without the strongest of community members supporting our vision our true potential cannot be unlocked! Each and every person who makes a decision to join The Fox Club, is making a decision to join a movement, one that will shape the core foundations of Solana for years to come!

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