The BEST merchandising in all of Web 3.0

Great merchandise is vital to any global brand

We will provide merchandising that is brandable on a global scale. Our aim is to provide a high quality tailored merchandising brand with affordable prices. Holders of our NFT's will have the ability to receive exclusive discounts and events to receive free pieces of merch too!
Design and quality is paramount to success. Ensuring that we provide something that resembles the core image of what we are about in the Solana blockchain, with combinations of a direct brandable logo as the base of our merchandising line will allow us to tap into any community that wants an amazing product at a great price!

Onboarding through Web 3.0

Having a globally recognised brand through our clothing and distribution services will allow us to attract more "outside" investors from the initial Solana community. This is super important for building a brand that will last in this space. The Web 3.0 keeps evolving every day, onboarding people from an early stand point allows us to introduce them to NFT's the right way, meaning they're more likely to have positive experiences though our project.