Onyx Branding

Learn about how our branding on boarding process works!

Finding a project which needs designer apparel

There are multiple reputable projects in this ecosystem which are missing something vital like this when building a brand. They are either providing no apparel range hindering their potential business profits for expansions, or providing low quality merch at a premium rate. We completely fix this problem and will be offering our services to anyone who needs it.

Getting in contact

Contacting a project regarding any service isn't an easy thing to succeed on. Founders are generally doing multiple things and can miss opportunities. If you are looking to make commission, never take the first no from a project. Instead, go back to them a couple of weeks later and try again. The reality is everyone needs a service like this, they just need to understand that.

Contact created, what next?

If you have a project, business or anyone interested in our services, the best thing they can do right now is come into our discord and open a ticket. Provide us with your reference and we will then take full note of the person who provided the contact! We then handle the entire process ourselves, ensuring a smooth and professional experience for the new project on boarded.

How does this benefit me and The Fox Club?

Anyone who brings us a contact which signs a contract and pays the invoice for their apparel order will be considered the main salesperson. This means that they will receive 5% of the order for providing the initial contact. Long term we will have a full trackable system so you can manage every project you've on boarded. This will also apply to projects checking stock. The Fox Club will also receive a portion of the profits generated by this lead, which will be used to bolster our ecosystem.

What can Onyx Branding actually provide?

We can provide the entire eCommerce experience for your business. We have a team of experienced people who have worked in eCommerce, marketing, branding, logistics and design for a combination of 30+ years. We are capable of handling multiple projects at scale to provide an entire experience you will not find on Web 3. Everything we provide is the most premium quality. Our rates cannot be beaten. Our lead times cannot be beaten. Our quality cannot be beaten. When you purchase an experience from us, it is truly a mind blowing one.