Systems Development

Building tools to help project owners

Why is this needed?

A huge available gap in the market right now is providing baseline tools for project owners to be able to do basic fundamentals for their projects. A lot of people don't have the access to experienced, trustworthy developers who can assure a stable system for being able to do the most basic of things.
We plan to provide a set of free tools for project owners to be able to use. The RPC will be paid from the 50% royalties generated by the projects secondary sales. This means that anyone buying from a marketplace is directly supporting small creators, as we will provide a high quality RPC to ensure high quality results.
There are other tools similar to this available if you look hard enough however a trust worthy place to be able to do these things is super important for new people with less experience to be able to provide unique and dynamic ways to engage with their community.
We wont reveal the full list now however here are a couple examples:
  • Airdrop Tool
  • Snapshot Tool (Disregards magic eden listings)
  • OG Minter Tool
  • Much more tools to be announced!
Note that these systems will be implemented in the coming months. We have the tools available, we will just ensure we are providing a level of consistent profits before providing this extra service.