Weekly Returns

Direct returns on your investment. As an investment should be.

50% Returns back to holders!

Yes you read that correctly. All profits generated by the business through the available machines we have and the royalties which we make through the secondary sales are directly split with the holders.
As it stands right now, we have our DTM profits and our royalties being split with holders once a week. We will be looking to add more revenue streams to split with our holders further down the line!

How to qualify for Revshare!

All you have to do is hold 2 The Fox Club NFT's, have them staked and paid royalties! Its as simple as that. Every pair of foxes you own will give you an extra piece of the revenue! This means a maximum of 1499 payments will be made each week.
50% of all of the royalties are given back to holders, so if you haven't paid your own royalties, you wont get a cut of everyone elses!